About Waistcoats and Long Vests

Get to know us and all we do: check out our handmade crocheted and knitted projects. We would love to show you all our ideas and designs of crochet and knitted wear, in details describe many interesting and unique crochet and knitting patterns, share what’s on top of the fashion and what is coming next, demonstrate crochet and knitting techniques and their combinations, give you a plenty of ideas and so much more.

Browse through our crochet and knitted designs. We have something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner in crocheting or knitting, or an advanced master.

In order to create a perfect look, there's no better choice as a waistcoat or a long vest. Crocheted or knitted vests are extremely comfortable while worn over a shirt or a sweater. For you to make your choice easier we've gathered our best handmade vest designs and presented some easy and beautiful ways how they can be combined with clothing. Take a look at all offered patterns to find warm vests that will suit your fall or winter style, or light lace vasts that will add a special touch to your summer spring look.

Crocheted or knitted waistcoats fit great for a variety of occasions, including business meetings, romantic dinner, night go out, beach party or a regular celebration with the family. It all depends on the style of the vest and yarn you have chosen to work with. Nowadays loose styled vests are in trend. Bulky vests will be more useful in cold winter weather. Waistcoats are a great option when you want to dress up during the holiday season as well. When your outfit needs just one special finishing touch, a vest can add interest and balance to your look.


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