About knited Hats, Caps, Berets, Bandanas, Hair Bands

If you have been searching for fabulous garments to crochet or knit, a hat is the best choice to start from!

Knitted or crocheted hats are great for each and everyone and can make a huge impact on your wardrobe! You simply can’t have too many cosy crocheted or knitted hats.

Discover a wide range of styles with our ideas for women and girls. Knitted or crocheted hats are a wonderful addition to everyone’s wardrobe. They are perfect for any season whether you want to add a light cap or beret to a spring outfit or add a warm hat to help protect you from the winter cold. Here we feature one of our best and favourite collection of knitted and crochet hats, dedicated to many styles and designs you can choose from.

For women, we offer classic designs made of wool yarn that have stunning look and can fit every size and personality. And we didn’t forget the girls, we’ve included in our collection some fun functional bandanas and hair bands for them. Whether you’re looking for sensible, functional, or more fashionable designs you are guaranteed to find some ideas that are perfect for you. Crocheting or knitting a hat from the first stitch will bring you pleasure and, as a result, you will get a great project. If you're in new crocheting or knitting, making a complete hat may seem intimidating, however, it is easier than it seems to be. With our ideas and tutorials, and a bit of time you can crochet or knit a lovely unique hat.

Even if you are an experienced crocheter or knitter our crochet or knit hats might bring you many ideas to work with and create a project for any occasion. Crochet or knit hats come in so many different styles and designs and can be used for a variety of purposes. They keep your head and ears warm in the winter or cool in the summer and they add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Hats can protect your hair, scalp, and ears from the sun's harmful rays and keep the light out of your eyes too. Crocheted or knitted hats are trusty and their unisex style means that they're perfect for everyone! Such crocheted and knitted hats never go out of style!

Start knitting or crocheting with us today!

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