Irish Lace Clothing

Videos, tutorals, diagrams and patterns on the theme of irish lace clothing.

Bright Stylish Crochet Irish Lace Jacket - Model 595

Nice Crochet Irish Lace Tank Dress. Model 587

Summer Irish Lace Tank Dress. Model 584

Fashionable Crochet Irish Lace Tunic. Model 582

Crochet Irish and Bruges Lace Kerchief. Model 581

Warm Winter Irish Lace Jacket - Model 571

Olive Long Pullover with 3D Flower. Model 565

Amazing Black Blouse with 3D Flowers. Model 559

Beautiful Irish and Hairpin Lace Tunic Pattern 419

Crochet Autumn Landscape Tunic Pattern 310

Landscape Irish Lace Tunic Pattern 307

Learn how to crochet a beautiful 3-color large flower.