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Crochet Set Beret Scarf and Tunic Pattern 274

Crochet Big Round Motif Tunic Pattern 273

Breezy Feminine Tunic Pattern 227

Spider Motif Summer Tunic Pattern 195

Lace Summer Tunic with Filet Inserts Pattern 191

This classic look lace tunic made of large crochet round floral motives and it is ideal for day or evening wear. Find something to fit your style.

Bright and Beautiful Knitted Tunic Pattern 149

Crochet Tunic with Square Pattern 109

Lacy Crochet Big Motif Tunic Pattern 148

Classic Knitted Tunic Pattern 146

Crocheted Lace Tunic Pattern 137

Crocheted Square Floral Motif Tunic. Pattern 128

Free download Beautiful Irish Lace Tunic Pattern 125

Crochet Elegant Motif Tunic Pattern 114


Free download Tunic Snowflake Free Pattern

Free download Pattern Crochet Lace Tunic 89.

Free download Tunic Irish Lace Free Pattern 87.

Free download Crochet Motif Tunic Pattern 73

This tunic was crocheted. The top part of the tunic was crocheted in Irish Lace technique.