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Simply Soft Top - Pattern 205

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Simply Soft Top

Cool off on a sweltering day in this short knitted open-backed top that is passing by the middle of the back and behind the neck.

Open back and belly design, nice color of space-dyed yarn, easy to knit rib pattern makes this model a perfect stylish piece for teenagers. You will definitely would need to wear this top with no bra - just as it is, or, on a chilly weather, you can try this top as a decorative addition to your simple back thing turtleneck sweater.

Once you learn knitting basics this knitted top is such a fun simply idea you'll want to try yourself. It ties around your neck while your back will be open for the sun to warm you up. This top can be worn in-side-out and also with a separately made belt part. The lower part or a belt is composed of a knitted design, which can be lengthened or shortened as desired, or can be removed or added any time.

Simply Soft Top front view
Simply Soft Top front view
Simply Soft Top back view
Simply Soft Top back view

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