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Filet Crochet Tablecloth Grapes and Leaves Pattern - Model 98

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Crocheted Fielet Tablecloth with Grapes

Lovely white crochet table runner with large grape leaves and grape barriers print, worked in Filet crochet technique:

  • Amazing white Grape garden appears on a large crochet tablecloth.
  • It has only one crochet grape branch located in circle covered with different sized leaves, some of the leaves are made of crochet popcorn stitches to create the volumetric design.
  • Crochet grape barriers are all look like the real one as they are the same worked of popcorn stitches for 3D appearance.
  • Square filet crochet table cover edged with a gorgeous trim made of separately worked large Irish crochet leaf motifs joined together in a row.
  • In corners we added branches of crochet grape barriers, which hang like crochet fringe and help the table cloth to sit still on place, and, of course, make this crochet piece of work unique showing all the crochet techniques a master used to create it.

You can use these lovely modern filet crochet grape patterns for creating the tablecloths, table runners, curtains, pillowcase, covers and more.

Crochet with us and surprise your guests with a unique crochet home decoration!

Crocheted Filet Tablecloth with Grapes view 1
Crocheted Filet Tablecloth with Grapes view 1
Crocheted Filet Tablecloth with Grapes view 2
Crocheted Tablecloth with Grapes view 2
Crocheted Filet Tablecloth with Grapes view 3
Crocheted Filet Tablecloth  view 3

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