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Jacquard Pullover Patterns

Olive Long Pullover with 3D Flower. Model 565

Super Soft and Stylish Pullover. Model 562

White Feminine Knit Leaves Pullover. Model 557

Diagonal Knitted Warm Pullover. Model 556

Knitting Pullover of Textured Yarn. Model 555

Knitted Zig Zag Pullover. Model 553

Warm Pullover with Handbag. Model 547

Bright Pullover Made of Motifs 495

Turquoise Openwork Knitted Pullover 493

Crochet Hexagons Motif Pullover Pattern 463

Effortless Wool Hoody Pullover Pattern 441

Knitted Jacquard Giraffe Pullover Pattern 438

Crochet Aran Comfy Pullover Pattern 436

Aran Crochet Favorite Pullover Pattern 434

Womens Knit Pullover Pattern 385

Knitting Feminine Jacquard Pullover Pattern 382

Warm Crochet and Knit Pullover Pattern 377

Big Motif Vinous and Olive Pullover Pattern 376

The Perfect Simple Cozy Pullover Pattern 375