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Trident Knitting Pattern Sweater - Model 64

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Trident Knitting Pattern Sweater

The whole Sweater is made in one color by using one knitting pattern that reminds us a trident.

Simple classic design folded neck and nice textured pattern all what makes this model one of the best for everyday use. And if you have gray or blue eyes the sweater in offered color will be your favorite once!

Skip the store-bought sweaters and pullovers – make your own one. Remember everything made by your hands is made with love!

Trident Knitting Pattern Sweater - photo 1
Trident Knitting Pattern Sweater - photo 1
Trident Knitting Pattern Sweater - photo 2
Trident Knitting Pattern Sweater - photo 2

The full version of this tutorial (pattern, diagram, chart) are only available for members.

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