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Pattern Coat Hairpin Lace - Model 81

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Coat Hairpin Lace

 In this images, you will see a bright crochet coat made in Hairpin Lace.

Coat Hairpin Lace front view

 The whole coat model is crocheted with 2 colors: green and brown. Look at the front view you will see a lace is crocheted with Hairpin loop and a crochet hook.

Coat Hairpin Lace pattern 1 view

 On the back side, you will see a beautiful double-colored pattern made in the same technique.

Coat Hairpin Lace pattern 2 view

 Hairpin lace is a beautiful variation on crochet, in which you combine a standard crochet hook with a certain type of loom to create lacy, openwork designs.  Don't be afraid to experiment and learn new techniques, you will get the unusual project.

Coat Hairpin Lace side view

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