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Lemon Curry Ease Blouse - Pattern 389

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Lemon Curry Ease Blouse

If you're looking for an attractive knit blouse or top for the new impression, you won't want to miss this bright yellow open back and open shoulders knit blouse.

The sweet and simple design would work for a girl and a woman, and the pale yellow is a lovely neutral color choice for this easy knit blouse leaf pattern.

Short sleeves, open shoulders and three openings on the back make this design perfect for summer days, evening outings or for every day wear to hang out with friends.

This knitted blouse pattern includes versions with holes on the back and without, so it's actually two patterns in one! You can also make your blouse longer a bit, just to cover the hips.

Lemon Curry Ease Blouse back view
Lemon Curry Ease Blouse back view
Lemon Curry Ease Blouse pattern view
Lemon Curry Ease Blouse pattern view

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