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Freeform Tutorial 13

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Crocheted Freeform Motif Crocheted Freeform Motif

A step-by-step description of crocheting a beautiful two-tone motif in the technique of freeforms, showing the steps in the video. Such a beautiful motif, connected by a crochet of different yarns in different colors, can be used as a base for various scrumbles when crocheting in the style of a freeform.

Contents of the tutorial:

Freeform Video Tutorial

All the tricks of working on this motive, which we gave in the step-by-step description of his crochet, you can look in the videos that we shot for this lesson:

Crochet Scrumble with Spirals Video

The full version of this tutorial (pattern, diagram, chart) are only available for members.

Step by step written pattern of Crochet motif in freeform

For work you need a ball of yarn and a crochet hook:

  • make a ring made of chains
  • crochet a flat spiral made of different tall stitches. It is the base of the spiral.
  • then we make a trim around the spiral of other color of yarn
    spiral of other color of yarn
  • make other element of front post and back post stitches and join to the spiral motif :
     join to the spiral motif
  • crochet leaf. You can crochet more leaves than we crocheted in the tutorial.
  • After leaves we will make petals of puff stitches. On the photo you will see leaves and petals:
    On the photo you will see leaves and petals
  • For the next element we crochet the Tunisian swatch. You should crochet as many rows as you need.
    Tunisian swatch
  • After the Tunisian crochet we make puff stitches in the form of the flower.
     puff stitches in the form of the flower
  • You can change a order the motif by you wish.

Crochet Motif in Freeform Pictures

In Blue color:

In Blue color

In yellow color:

In yellow color

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