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How to Join Hexagons - Tutorial 24 Part 2 of 2

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How to Join Hexagons

In this second part we continue to show you the ways how to join hexagons together:

  • My current motif is made in one color.
  • The center of the first motif I made in dark blue.
  • So this is the complete motif and on my current crochet hexagon I started the last round and still need to crochet one side.
  • While crocheting the last round I will attach my current motif to the first ready one side to side.
  • This piece of the work consists of 6 the exact same hexagons joined together in one go technique.
  • With this crochet tutorial you can learn how to make and how to join hexagons.

How to join hexagons was made of the yarn: 55% Cotton 45% Polyacryl 160m/50gr. Crochet hook 2,25 mm or 2 mm.

How to Join Hexagons Video

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