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Crochet 3D Petal Flower. Video Tutorial, Patterns 134

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Gorgeous 3D petal flower you will learn to crochet in this crochet flower video tutorial. To begin to crochet his crochet 3d petal flower you should make puffy little round element, that you can find in tutorial 7(it is free) of the crochet elements and projects. Then we make a round of single crochet stitches with beads in the video tutorial, but you can make only double crochet stitches if you don' have a beads. The foundation for petals was made of chain spaces in round 3. The 3d petal of this crochet flower consist of different tall stitches. Crochet 3D petal flower was made with yarn : Angora: 60% acrylic 40% mohair and crochet hook 2 mm or 2,5 mm.

Photo for the lesson:

Crochet 3D Petal Flower. Video Tutorial, Patterns 134
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