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How to Make Crochet Flower - Video and Pattern 102

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Crochet Flower 102

If you have ever had boring clothes and you don't know how to decorate them. We share with you many ideas and video patterns, imagine only for 30 minutes you can make crocheted gorgeous flower. How to make a crochet flower? It is easy.

To start the flower you need to make a chain of 9, then you crochet petals made of triple treble, single crochet stitches and the follow the pattern till the end of the video. In the video pattern you will know you how to change the look of this flower without any additional crochet. You can create a completely different flower simple by turning the shells of each petal out of the center and to the inside of the petal. You can add a bead in the center if you want.

Crochet flower video pattern was made with Steel Crochet Hook 2.00mm (which is #4 US standard) or 1.5 mm and with yarn: 100% Cotton, 169m/50g. Please share this flower in social media if you like it!

The membership is closed. All videos and patterns that were included in the membership, will be published free on the website.

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