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Crochet Trim Petal Flower - Tutorial 137

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Crochet Trim Petal Flower

We begin crocheting a flower from a bulk berry. How to make such a berry you learn by looking at tutorial 7 in the category: "Crochet elements and Project". Next, perform a series of beads and crochet a base for volumetric petals. The petals are made in the form of an imposing from various stitches. Large and small petals alternate in the flower.

Yarn of Angora: 10% mohair, 10% wool, 80% acrylic, 550 meters in 100 grams. Hook 2 mm or 2.5 mm. Enjoy !

We begin crocheting a flower from a berry:

Crochet Puffy Button Tutorial 7
Crochet Puffy Button Tutorial 7

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Crochet Trim Petal Flower Video

Crocheted Trim Petal Flower

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