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Crochet Flowers - Tutorial 141

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Crocheted Flowers 141

Our tutorial is devoted to crocheting a beautiful voluminous flower with popcorn stitches.

Popcorn stitches are crocheted both in the center of the flower and in the petals. The volume and relief in the flower is achieved by the making of trims. In the center of the flower is done trim made of with single crochet and we make trim of different tall stitches inside the petals(around the popcorn stitches). Angora yarn: 60% acrylic, 40% mohair, a footage of 500 meters in 100 grams. Hook 2 mm or 2.5 mm.

Crochet Flowers Video

Crocheted Flowers 141

The full version of this tutorial (pattern, diagram, chart) are only available for members.

You can use it in Irish Project. 

Irish Project Video Tutorial 72
Irish Project Video Tutorial 72

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