3D Crochet Beaded Flower With Stamens: Tutorial 179

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3D Crochet beaded flowers can be easy and fun for beginners or for experienced crocheters to practice the new stitches, and pretty to decorate a room or send as gifts.

We have crochet flowers on our site, that is recommended for any holidays are coming. Today we are going to share a fabulous and beaded crochet flower with stamens to be used in a bouquet or home decor. They are easy to wrap around the flower stem for making bouquets.

In the tutorial was used: 100% cotton 169 meters in 50 g and Hook 1.5 mm or 2 mm. 

For example, I made the exact flower made in one colour: 

3D Crochet  Beaded Flower With Stamens

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