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Find many ideas about crochet beaded necklaces and crochet with beads. The unusual creative cord necklace made of beads and yarn you will find on our website. This cord could used to create a decoration, a necklace, a belt for cloths and a bracelet.

Make unusual cord for 15 minutes with us! In video tutorial, I will be showing you how to make this simple crochet beaded heart string cord. This cord will be great for a gift at a wedding or on Valentines' day.

The tutorials below assume that you are able to crochet chain spaces and single crochet stitches. To begin we'll use yarn and large transparent and not outright seed beads so that you can see the how to crochet with beads.

Crochet lace tutorial is a detailed online course of how to make a crochet lace. Crochet lace with beads is a delicate but beautiful project that is often used for decoration.

Unusual crochet spiral motif cord which can decorate your hand. The base for this crocheted spiral motif cord is made of one spiral motif which contains of several stitches.

We have lots of crochet video tutorials from cords, decorations, bracelet, flower, leaves. this video helps you how to create a decoration for yourself using crochet hook, yarn and your hands.

See more about Bead crochet. Learning how to crochet with beads can open up a whole new world. In our video pattern, you can learn one of the kinds of crochet beaded cord that you can use a bracelet, a belt or as a decoration for Christmas Tree.

Bead crochet designs and instructional tutorials. Learn how to make a crochet necklace cord with our video library. This crochet necklace consists of a floral element made of single crochet stitches with beads.

This unusual cord made of round motif you can use as a bracelet, or you can make just round motif for your hat or your bag.

The interesting way of creating this braided crochet cord will make you love it. This crochet braided cord is very strong and perfect idea for belts, bangles, bag handles.

Here is another interesting and unusual idea for your collection of crochet braids, ribbons and tapes. Beautiful shape and volumetric pattern allow us to use this ribbon in a variety of lace projects.

This crochet cord has back and front sides. This crochet cord has back and front sides. On the front side there is a volumetric wave of stitches that give the cord a 3D look.