Crochet Floral Necklace Tutorial 129

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I will be working on amazing crochet floral cord necklace and you will know how to make this floral cord necklace with beads and without them. It can be perfect to create decoration for your hand necklace, earring. Again you can make your cord with beads of without. You can make you’re cord the desired length by crocheting as many flowers as needed. For this floral necklace you need to know different tall stitches that are base of the flower segment. The small flower consist of 7 petals.
How to make the beautiful floral cord:

  • -Begin the work by making a chain, then chain 4;
  • -yo 2 times to make treble crochet, insert the hook into the first chain stitch, pull up, and pull through 2 loop 2 times;
  • -and now yo take a bead, put it on the hook;
  • -insert the hook into the first chain stitch, take the working yarn, pull it through the bead and yo pull through first 2 loops on the hook by making dc;
  • -continue make treble crochet into the the first stitch (YO 2 times for the treble crochet, insert the hook into the first chain stitch, pull up a loop, then pull through 2 twice );
  • -then double treble into the same stitch (YO 3 times for the double treble, insert the hook into the first chain stitch, pull up a loop, then pull through 2 loops 3 times)
  • -yo pull through all loops on the hook.

This floral cord was made with Steel Crochet Hook size (#4 US standards) and yarn: 100% Cotton Mercerized, 169m/50g and beads(transparent, large) : d-0.8 cm

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