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How to Make Sole For Crochet Booties Tutorial 59 Part 1 of 2

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How to Make Sole For Crochet Booties Tutorial 59 Part 1 of 2

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In today's tutorial I will show you how to crochet these easy to make and very comfortable to wear crochet booties for babies. For work I will be using a ball of yarn, a crochet hook, some stitch markers, a measuring tape and 4 small bead end caps for crochet cords. In part 1 of this video tutorial you will learn how to make a sole for baby booties. This crochet sole made of different tall stitches and consists of 3 rounds after that we show you how to make upper part of the crochet booties for babies. Crochet booties for babies was yarn:51% Manufactured Fibers - Acrylic, 49% Wool 240 meters in 100 grams and a crochet hook 3mm - 4mm (G).

How to make a sole for crochet booties for babies:

  • - start the sole by making a chain of 12. This is the foundation chain;
  • - now begin the first round: chain 2 to bring up the yarn;
  • - skip 2 chain stitches away from the hook and hdc 3 into the third stitch 12.

Please follow the second part of tutorial 59 to complete these beautiful baby booties. In my case the sole measures 10.5 centimeters.

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