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Learn to Crochet Baby Ugg Boots Video Pattern 53 Part 3 of 3

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Learn to Crochet Baby Ugg Boots Video Pattern 53 Part 3 of 3

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In this third part of video pattern 53 I will show you how to complete these crochet baby ugg boots. In the second part of this video pattern I remind you I have started round 8 and worked single crochet stitches till the first stitch marker. For each boot we used different kinds of yarn and as you can see I decorate them in different styles. My first pair is embellished with the embroidery flowers and leafs and I added some beads as well. In the crochet video pattern we show you the crochet baby ugg boots made of 3 kinds of yarn. The first is measure 11 centimeters. My gray boots that are made of thinner yarn with lurex measure 10 centimeters. And these yellow once, that are made of thick and very worm yarn measure 12 centimeters. Learn to Сrochet Baby Ugg Boots: Now to continue this round remove the marker and hdc into next stitch Then dc2together, then treble crochet into the next stitch (YOH 2 times to work the treble) Continue and treble crochet 2 together For this begin the first treble into the next stitch, work it like you would until you have 2 loops on the hook Learn to crochet the next step of the crochet sole with our video tutorial. Сrochet Baby Ugg Boots was made with yarn: 49% Wool, 51% Acryl 240m/100g and a Crochet Hook 3 mm, 3,5 mm или 4 mm. Learn to crochet flower in our crochet flowers playlist

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0 # JulieJuls 2019-06-04 09:41
Tutorial #53 is not fully available on your site. Part 1 of 3 only shows the first round, Parts 2 and 3 does not exist in patterns for members. Please may I get the link to the full pattern for Tutorial #53, Baby Ugg Boots. Thank you.

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