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Beautiful Flower with Reverse Single Crochet Pattern

Crochet Windmill Flower of Chain Spaces. Pattern 52

Asymmetrical Crochet Windmill Flower - Pattern 80

Make this blooming lace Irish crochet flower following our detailed crochet pattern.

When traditional Irish crochet technique is used in creating flowers you will definitely get a stunning piece of work.

This traditional Irish crochet leaf motif is for those who is ready to create one of the most delightful, individual and absorbing leaf which form is perfect and design is fabulous.

Our collection of Irish crochet lace patterns starts with how to make the forms that distinguish it: the charming wheels, flowers, leaves, fans, buds, tendrils and clusters.

This blooming crochet rose flower made in Irish Crochet technique is just gorgeous. The form of this crocheted flower made in Irish tradition will look perfect on a simple crochet mesh background.