Irish Crochet Flower Patterns

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You cannot miss this wonderful Irish crochet blooming flower pattern, which is self-sufficient as a decoration or can be a part of a larger Irish crochet piece.

This round crochet flower has a very interesting shape and a beginner crocheter might doubt if this is a crocheted flower or a knitted one.

Handmade flowers are always bringing a lot of ideas on how to use them. Crocheting in the round allows you to easily crochet a flower without cutting off the yarn and worry about making turns.

This crochet floral motif is a few round crochet project. Gathering many such crochet flowers together will make a nice lacework made of separately crocheted motifs.

Are you just learning how to crochet but already bored with making basic crochet stitches and practicing on a small samples working in rows?

Creating a perfect circle just in a couple of rounds seems to mystify a lot of people. But it really shouldn’t.

Windmill Flower with Reverse Single Crochet

This crochet flower motif is a traditional Irish rose motif which is used by the Irish lacemakers for a long time and inspired them for gorgeous Irish lace projects.

In our Crochet Irish Lace Collection you will find dozens of versatile motifs, richly textured flower motifs, and charming figures, all suitable for thread crochet.

Light texture and round shape of this motif reminds a balloon. Easy stitches (chain stitches, slip stitches, single crochet stitches, picots) make this pattern easy even for beginners.

Lacey thread crochet motifs are both beautiful to look at and enjoyable to make. Try this wonderful and fast to crochet motif and won't realize how time pass by.

Are you looking for a good Irish Crochet Bell flower pattern? Consider, it is done. This beautiful crochet flower can be used for whatever you like really, not only for Irish Crochet projects.

This beautiful crochet motif is easy and fast to make. It looks like a flower that can be used for Irish Crochet Projects and as a separate motif as well.

Crochet lace flower motive will be perfect for all your crochet projects, you may use it as a separate decoration for the ready cloth and as a part of any crochet lace projects.

Diagram Wonderful Flower 110