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Five Ribbed Petal Crochet Flower - Chart 190

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Five Ribbed Petal Crochet Flower Photo 1

This round crochet flower has a very interesting shape and a beginner crocheter might doubt if this is a crocheted flower or a knitted one.

This crochet flower worked in the rounds and beautiful ribbed petals are created by making stitches into the front loops of previous round stitches.

Nothing is difficult, you just need to try. Making this flower pattern you will master your skill of working in the rounds and into the front loop of stitches, and at the same time you will create a wonderful five ribbed petal flower.

You can use this flower for a crochet blanket to add unique texture to any room.

Five Ribbed Petal Crochet Flower Photo 2:

Five Ribbed Petal Crochet Flower Photo 2

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