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Crochet Beauty Flower Motif - Pattern 186

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Beauty Flower Motif

Handmade flowers are always bringing a lot of ideas on how to use them. Crocheting in the round allows you to easily crochet a flower without cutting off the yarn and worry about making turns.

This crochet flower motif has a volumetric center made of small ten spiral petal flower.

It is a very beautiful motif for making table place mats, covers, or use as mini-doilies. Once you've learned the basics, try your hand on this round crochet floral motif and you will be surprised with the result.

Beauty Flower Motif Photo 2:

Beauty Flower Motif Photo 2

Beauty Flower Motif Patterns:




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+1 # Soffity34 2018-06-28 22:31
Re beauty flower 186, I’m finding the pattern confusing at round three, after you join into the 9th chain do you then Sc down the nine chain for your first petal or across the 5 chain space forest and then down the the sextuple treble leaving the nine chain till the end of the round, ? Would it be possible to have a video tutorial on reading the written patterns when they are complicated. There have been others I’d like to make but find the written pattern too complicated to read. Your site is marvellous, one of my favourite, thanks for all your hard work,
0 # sheruautor1 2019-01-16 11:14
We have a similar flower in lesson 185,182, 55. Please look for crochet flower video tutorials.

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