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Crochet Lace Flower Motive for Irish Lace - Pattern 112

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Crocheted Lace Flower Motive

Crochet lace flower motive will be perfect for all your crochet projects, you may use it as a separate decoration for the ready cloth and as a part of any crochet lace projects:

  • Simple to make crochet element brings you a lot of options where you can use it.
  • Simple crochet pattern allows you to complete the crochet element in a minutes.
  • Use them to embellish bags, hats, make them into brooches.
  • Try making lots of them and string them together as a scarf or to make your own flowery bunting decoration.

Crocheted Lace Flower Motive Photo 2

Crocheted Lace Flower Motive Photo 2

Patterns for Irish Lace

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