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This oval crochet leaf is simple and at the same time very cute looking. It makes a nice appliqué. This easy to crochet leaf is a great choice if you need a quick leaf to stitch to another item.

Simple to crochet leaf pattern where you can master the basic crochet stitches. Such leaf motifs you can hang as ornaments, or incorporate them into jewelry.

Crochet Trefoil Windmill Leaf - Pattern 79

Crochet Shamrock Leaf - Pattern 78

Crochet Leaf for Irish Lace, Pattern 75

Grey Nice Crochet Leaf, Pattern 74

Beautiful asymmetrical crochet leaf motif for Irish crochet lace. In creating this stunning crochet leaf the basic techniques of Irish crochet were used.

Beginners in Irish lace technique should practice making individual motifs, like this one, before attempting an entire piece of lace.

This beautiful Irish crochet oak leaf design with picot trimming will cheer up a dark rainy autumn day especially if you make it is a bright color.

Crocheted Oak Tree Irish crochet leaf motif can be used not only in Irish crochet lace, but individually or in sets for making different crochet applique.

This beautiful Irish Crochet Oak Tree Leaf is made using basic crochet stitches and different tall stitches to help copy a special shape of a real oak leaf.

Again and again we are coming to crochet leaf ornaments. They are very popular all the time and fit any project you might work on.

Needleworkers will be delighted with the wide range of Irish Crochet motifs we are offering that include traditional leaf patterns, crochet elements of different forms, as well as floral motifs.

Beautiful leaf figure of this amazing crochet motif reminds us a tree where small picots made on top of different tall crochet stitches symbolize tiny little leaves.

Attractive Irish crochet ornament that you want to crochet again and again in the practice of this fine craft. Irish crochet proofs that crocheting is not easy mastered needlecraft at all.

Irish crochet leaf motif combines challenges to sharpen the skills of the most advanced needleworkers.

With our stunning collocation of Irish crochet leaf motifs we offer you an excellent turn-of-the-century introduction to Irish crochet technique.

Free download Crochet Flat Leaf Pattern 35.

Free download Irish Crochet Leaf Pattern 33.