Irish Crochet Leaf Patterns

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Round Crochet Leaf you will see in this step-by-step video tutorial.

This Irish crochet element that looks more like a freeformed leaf is very easy to make and it is surely will be a great crochet motif for the lace projects.

Irish crochet lace is characterized by its finely-worked motifs. Such a wonderful Irish crochet motif in the form of leaf we are offering to you with this crochet pattern.

If you're a beginner, try this crochet leaf out in order to make so many more of them in different color and use for a larger project or for seasoning decoration.

Find a nice looking leaf that is crocheted in an unusual way: first we make a foundation ring and the first round of stitches, and then continue working in rows.

Decorative White Leaf Pattern

No one can pass by this super cute design of a crocheted leaf. Leaf motif has a beautiful shape and looks like you need to be an experienced crocheter to consider this leaf motif as your next hand made project.

Make some fun and festive crochet three-segment clover leaf. Great project for The St. Patrick's Day. This trefoil crochet leaf motif looks exactly like the real one: small round shape, three segments and a leaf stalk.

Your current obsession - crocheted leaves? This crocheted leaf motif is your next project for sure. It take a bit of passion and about at hour to complete.

This crochet lace leaf pattern includes the basic crochet stitch techniques. And anyone who can make simple crochet chains and work a double crochet stitch can make this crochet lace leaf motif.

This decorative lace crochet leaf pattern is incredibly fast to crochet and you will have fun working on it.

Great motif to use for appliqué or embellishment. Crochet leaf motif is made using basic crochet stitches.

Can't get enough from crocheting leaves? Well, we don't want you to stop yourself. We are pleased to offer more and more crocheted leaf patterns for you to try them all or choose those once you like the most.

Another beautiful idea of using the Crochet Pineapple Stitch in creating something beautiful.

It is common to see crochet leaf patterns for oak leaves, acorn leaves, and maple leaves but it is definitely not so common to find a leaf that does not have analogue in a real life.

This is a perfect crocheted leaf piece. It's done in rounds using different crochet stitches and completed with a round of the reverse single crochet trim.

For this crocheted leaf motif you would need to have a moment! And it's no wonder the lovely crocheted leaf from all: one evening is often enough to begin and finish something like this eye-catching and super unique.

As as idea you can crochet many these easy to crochet leaf motifs and then connect them together in a beautiful piece of work as connecting leaf motifs can be just as enjoyable as crocheting them.

This large crochet maple leaf is worked of simple stitches. Great crochet hand made decoration for Canada Day! This crochet lace leaf motif is a beautiful designed leaf that would work great as a doily or wall art.

Get ready for your new favorite ornament: the Oak Tree Crochet Leaf Ornament. This crochet leaf motif pattern can be used in many different ways.