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Irish Crochet Lace Leaf Motif: Chart 191

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Irish Crochet Lace Leaf Motif

Irish crochet lace is characterized by its finely-worked motifs. Such a wonderful Irish crochet motif in the form of leaf we are offering to you with this crochet pattern. Make this particular leaf motif in quantity and then join all of them together into larger Irish crochet pieces.

This Irish crochet leaf pattern is easy to make and its round form allows you to combine such motifs in different applique, or make different lace designs combining them in larger projects.

Irish Crochet Lace Leaf Motif Photo 2:

Irish Crochet Lace Leaf Motif Photo 2

Irish Crochet Lace Leaf Motif Charts:

Pattern Leaf

Pattern Leaf

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