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Very Easy Crocheted Leaf Motif - Pattern 147

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Crocheted Leaf Motif

  • If you need a little leaf for embellishing small projects, this pattern is a good one to consider.
  • Fast to crochet and beautify shaped this crocheted leaf motif will definitely save your some time and bring a fantastic look to any of the projects it made for.
  • This small crocheted leaf works up quickly as it consists of only several rows, and it's a very easy project.
  • You don't need much yarn to crochet this leaf; if you have small amounts of yarn left over from other projects, you can put them to good use with this pattern.

Crocheted Leaf Motif Photo 2:

Crocheted Leaf Motif Photo 2

Crochet Leaf Motif Pattern:


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