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Earrings Crochet Lace Pineapple Stitch Leaf Motif - Pattern 142

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Crocheted Leaf Motif

  • The pineapple stitch is a classic, vintage lace crochet motif used in both home decor and fashion items.
  • This gorgeous crochet pineapple leaf motif we offer is just perfect for creating crocheted earrings!
  • Simple pineapple stitch pattern together with a beautiful trimming will make you want to crochet more and more.
  • The beauty of this crocheted pattern will be eye-catching for sure!
  • You need to crochet this pineapple stitch earrings using cotton crochet thread, but also you may try this pattern in any type or weight of yarn for other projects.
  • Today’s modern crochet designs use the pineapple stitch in fun and interesting ways, and there are several other variations on the basic crochet pineapple motif you can find in our Crochet pineapple stitch leaf motif collection.

Crochet Lace Pineapple Stitch Leaf Motif Photo 2:

Crochet Lace Pineapple Stitch Leaf Motif

Leaf Motif Pattern

Pattern 1

Pattern 2

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