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Leaf to Crochet Pineapple Stitch Motif - Pattern 138

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Crocheted Leaf

  • Pineapples are popular crochet designs no need to proof this.
  • You'll find pineapples adorning all kinds of crochet projects, including shawls, doilies and more.
  • We offer you to try pineapple crochet stitch of creating crochet leaves.
  • The crochet pineapple shows a classic way to create a motif that looks just like a pineapple and its lace structure looks perfect in any leaf designs we offer.
  • Pineapple leaf motif can be repeated and combined with other stitches to create all of the different items.
  • We have more crochet pineapple leaf motif patterns in our collection to get you going and we are more then happy to share it with you.

Crocheted Leaf Photo 2:

Crocheted Leaf Photo 2

Crochet Leaf Motif Pattern:

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