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Crochet Oak Leaf Motif - Easy Crochet Pattern 136

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Crocheted Oak Leaf Motif Photo

  • In our crochet leaf collection you will find a variety of different crochet leaf patterns of many sizes and complications.
  • Quite a few of them are original designed by us.
  • This crochet oak leaf pattern  can be used for so many different types of projects: in cloth decoration, home décor, as a part of Irish crochet projects, etc.
  • You might think that crochet leaves tend to pop up most often in autumn, and then again in spring as an idea for decoration, but crochet leaves provide great detail on designs used all throughout the year.
  • You can change the pattern a bit - stick with the regular design we offer or go more edgy, funky and colorful in your designs.

Crocheted Oak Leaf Motif Photo 2

Crochet Oak Leaf Motif Photo 2


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