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Chart and Ways to Use Crochet Leaf - Pattern 132

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Crocheted Leaf Photo 1

  • Beautiful crochet leaf pattern can be used in so many different ways as well as in Irish crochet lace projects.
  • Add this crochet leaf to gift wrapping or use it as part of a gift tag.
  • Decorate a pair of old jeans with a few of these leaves along one leg (or a single leaf on the pocket).
  • Use a lot of leaves made in this technique and combine them all in a beautiful appliqué.
  • Join a row of these crochet leaves to create a unique seasonal home decoration.
  • Or put a single leaf on each of two hooks to make earrings.

Crocheted Leaf Photos

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Crochet Leaf Pattern:

Pattern 1

Pattern 2

Pattern 3

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