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Easy Diagram Crocheted Leaf - Pattern 123

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Easy Crocheted Leaf

  • Take a look at another easy to crochet leaf pattern from our crochet leaf collection.
  • If you're a beginner crocheter and you like having lots of diagrams to guide you through projects, this crochet leaf pattern and tutorial would be worth taking a look at as a good beginner project.
  • You can crochet several such kind of leaves just in one day and make them all different colors, and then combine them together in a colorful project.
  • All there kind of crochet leaves can be bits and pieces of yarn left over from other projects so it won't take up a bunch of materials.
  • Useful and fun.

Easy Crocheted Leaf Photo 2

Easy Crocheted Leaf Photo 2

Easy Diagram Crocheted Leaf

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