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Lacy Crochet Leaf for Irish Lace - Pattern 9

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Lacy Crocheted Leaf for Irish Lace

Needleworkers will be delighted with the wide range of Irish Crochet motifs we are offering that include traditional leaf patterns, crochet elements of different forms, as well as floral motifs.

Clear, step-by-step instructions make these patterns easy to work anywhere — in the home, at meetings, or on public transportation even though the Irish

Crochet technique itself can be complicated sometimes and many beginners hesitate to try.

This particular ornament is a classic Irish crochet leaf will be a crate project to start with.

Lacy Crocheted Leaf for Irish Lace photo 2
Lacy Crocheted Leaf for Irish Lace photo 2

The membership is closed. All videos and patterns that were included in the membership, will be published free on the website.

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