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Freeform crochet is a wonderful expression of your own creativity achieved through fiber. The main motive of this technique is a scrumble. Learn how to crochet such beautiful scrumble with our video pattern.

In freeform crochet you make decisions as you go along and this includes the choice of yarn and fibers you use. The incredible beauty of the fabric that results from applying freeform crochet technique won't leave you indifferent.

In this crochet video tutorial we continue working on round freeform scrumble. Play with the stitches and create more new and interesting things with us! Have fun!

In this crochet video tutorial we demonstrate how to crochet a scrunble showing you every each stitch we make. Work along with the video tutorial and you will make it for sure!

In this freeform crochet tutorial we continue working on our beautiful freeform crochet flower. Following our instructive crochet scrumble video tutorial you will be able to crochet the same scrumble

In this freeform crochet tutorial we are showing you how to make beautiful freeform scrumble or freeform flower. Learn to crochet scrumble with us!

You will learn, how to build up a free form crochet projects and how to begin the work on your scrumble.

With this video we begin our new series of tutorials where you will find a lot of projects made in freeform crochet technique. In this freerom technique you can use imagination and knowledge of stitches and skills.