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Spiral Freeform Irish Crochet Motif - Chart 196

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Spiral Freeform Irish Crochet Motif

This crochet spiral motif looks like a freeform scrumble. If you like to take the ideas apart and rearrange them into something new and interesting this crochet motif allows you to do it. It is easy to continue this crochet motif and make it much bigger by adding the additional rows. Also you can complete some of such an interesting motifs and then combine then together in your larger handmade project.

The spiral crochet motif is also great for the Irish crochet lace creation.

This crochet motif is truly a wonderful and fun way to experiment with.

Spiral Freeform Irish Crochet Motif Photo 2:

Easy to Crochet Flat Flower Photo 2


Chart 1


Chart 2


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