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Easy to Crochet Triangle Ornament - Pattern №184

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Triangle Ornament

If you are looking for an interesting shaped motif – here we have a one for you.

Crochet triangle ornament looks like a nicely formed crochet leaf. 

If you turn on your imagination you can use this motif as petals for a flower, as a hat for a clown, as a horn, or just as an unknown triangle ornament for your lace projects. If you are following a pattern you may want to try and make this crochet motif bigger for this you need to make a different number of chains to start.

This will change the number of stitches you make in further steps but will not change the general technique.

Triangle Ornament Photo 2:

Triangle Ornament Photo 2

Triangle Ornament Photo 3:

Triangle Ornament Photo 3

Triangle Ornament Photo 4:

Triangle Ornament Photo 4

Triangle Ornament Pattern






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