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This Irish Crochet motif is a remarkable record of one of Ireland's finest crafts.

Beautiful Irish crochet pattern features great DIY kitchen ideas and ideas for home decoration.

This crochet motif is great for dozens of stunning crochet lace projects and crochet applique. This classic Irish crochet motif reminds a crochet leaf and it is very simple to make.

Curls, edges, picot trimming and free-formed asymmetrical shape make this Irish crochet leaf motif very interesting and unique.

If you do not know how to crochet this unique Irish motif that looks like a mini crocheted tree or a crocheted leaf, but you really stop your eye on this choice…

This Irish crochet leaf with picots for sure should be one of your favorite motifs made in Irish crochet technique.

Beautiful curly shape and edging made of crochet picots makes this Irish crochet motif a great design for earrings, brooches, and necklaces.

Try out this gorgeous crochet leaf motif that looks like a small crochet tree. This crochet motif pattern is just too beautiful to be used alone.

Attractive crochet leaf ornament that you can repeat again and again in the practice of this fine craft - Irish Crochet.

Irish crochet motif patterns are always fantastic to work up: they’re quick to make, they don’t take up much yarn, they’re forever useful and they are incredibly beautiful.

Irish Crochet ornaments are always gorgeous and look stunning at any projects you might use them for embellishment.

Irish crochet leaf motifs will always be popular. This lace leaf motif has a complicated style and it is one of many modifications of a regular Irish crocheted leaf motifs.

Classic beautiful Irish style crochet motif is one of the popular motifs in this technique.Classic beautiful Irish style crochet motif is one of the popular motifs in this technique.

Irish crochet lace motif design is based on the classical crochet motifs which you can see in the antique Irish lace works, but at the same time it is a bit bigger and complicated.