Crochet Elements For Irish Lace: Page 2 of 3

Videos, tutorals, diagrams and patterns on the theme of crochet elements for irish lace. Page 2 of 3

Crochet Diagram Mini Irish Lace Motif Pattern

Crochet Chart of Irish Lace Element - Pattern 89

Beautiful Classic Irish Lace Element - Pattern 85

Crochet Motif for Irish Lace Technique - Pattern 87

Classic Irish Lace Motif - Pattern 86

Irish Lace Motif with Popcorn Stitches - Pattern 85

Reverse Single Crochet Element - Pattern 84

Irish Crochet Basic Scroll, Pattrn 77

Easy Motif Scroll for Irish Lace, Pattern 76

Big Crochet Motif with Leaf. Pattern 59

Asymmetrical Crochet Motif. Pattern 58

Pink Simple Crocheted Element. Pattern 55

Crochet 2 Elements Together 53

With this cute crochet motif trimmed with many-many picots you can give a special touch to your project, and you will be able to transfer your imaginative picture on a hand-crocheted piece of work.

Crocheters will want to use this lovely Irish crochet motif again and again on a variety of personal and household items such as handkerchiefs, napkins, placemats, collars, cuffs, lingerie, pillowcases, and much more.

Asymmetrical Crochet Elements Pattern 39