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In the first part of the video, we have done the sole of the shoe for a little girl. Now we continue work on this crocheted product.

In this video, we crochet baby shoes for the girl with our master. The master class consists of 2 parts and is designed for beginners.

Crocheted Square Floral Motif Tunic. Pattern 128

The beautiful blouse was crocheted in Irish Lace technique.

This fabulous crocheted floral lace blouse together with a bracelet is made in Irish Lace or Guipure Lace Technique.

Very feminine knitted jacquard sweater with colourful knitted flowers in the front was knitted.

This video demonstrates you how to crochet floral cord with beads. In the process of making the adorable floral cord, I will demonstrate you how to join a bead to the petal.

Specific crochet patterns and designs were often closely guarded secrets, and the finished cord necklace was highly valued! Beautiful cord necklace made of small flowers that is base of the cord necklace.

With this crochet video pattern you will learn to crochet floral motif and also you will got to know how to join these motifs to create one piece of work.

With this crochet tutorial you will be learning to crochet a nice floral cord.

Free download Crochet Floral Cord Pattern 115.

In this crochet cord tutorial we will show you how to crochet beaded floral cord. You can use as bracelet or accessories for clothes.

Free download Crochet Beaded Floral Cord Pattern 68.

In this crochet tutorial I will be making this beautiful and easy to crochet square motif. Crochet square motif pattern you can use for making clothes or blankets.

In this crochet motif tutorial I will continue working with crochet floral circle motif and show you how to join circle together in order to create something larger.

In this crochet motif pattern I will be making a small crochet floral circle motif. In part 1of this crochet motif pattern we will show you how to crochet floral circle.

In this crochet lace vídeo tutorial we will show you how crochet floral tape lace. This crochet floral tape lace make easy and fast. Enjoy!

Free download Crochet Floral Tape Lace Pattern 16.

In this hairpin crochet tutorial you will see how to crochet flower in hairpin loom. In the middle of this beautiful strip there is a row with 5-petal flowers on it.

You can crochet a cord of small and large flowers making the long or short cord in between the flowers. Add a bead to the center of each flower to make the cord prettier.