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Knitted Baby Sock Tutorial 236

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In this video tutorial I will be demonstrating how you knit socks with cable for baby. We will begin the work from heel .

Gorgeous socks on two knitting needles, You will learn how to knit by looking at our lesson. During the knitting of socks, two patterns are used: a voluminous and interesting cable pattern and rolled stitch pattern.

Whether you’re knitting socks for the first time or fortieth, there’re a patterns in this collection for you. Go ahead, follow it today and enjoy your knitted sock video patterns.

These are worsted weight socks, which mean that they’ll be warm, and work up quickly. All you need to be able to do is work in the round and using different patterns, decrease and pick up stitches, and you can make these socks!

If you love to knit cables, you'll love knitting these socks! The soft sock is perfect for tall calf boots, short boots, with a crocheted trim that gives the socks finished look.

Today, we are showing you the easiest sock pattern in the world. These are worsted weight socks, which means that they’ll be warm, and work up quickly.