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This method does need a bit of practice to make it quick and easy.

In this tutorial you will see how to cast on stitches on one knitting needle combining 2 previous methods.

Begin to knit and learn how to cast on stitches using one knitting needle.

This method is also called a cast-on from the index finger.

In this tutorial you will learn how to work the cable cast on. It is easy to learn method.

Learn how to knit the 1x1 rib cast on using one knitting needle.

Casting on this way we don`t use the tail end and working just with the yarn that attached to you yarn ball. To make the stitch on the needle you need create a loop on the index finger turning it clockwise twice: away from you and forward. Turning twice makes the cast on edge stronger. Then put the loop on the needle and make it tight. This cast-on method is easy, fast to make and good for beginners.

This method is called a single cast-on method and also known as the backwards loop cast-on or e-loop cast-on method.

Learn another method of casting on stitches before starting to knit.

This cast-on method is called a double cross cast on. We cast on stitches on two knitting needles.

In this tutorial you will see the classic way of casting on stitches to a pair of knitting needles before starting to knit.