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How To Knit a Hat: Tutorial 171

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How To Knit a Hat: Tutorial 171

Today I'll be making easy to knit stylish hat with 3D pattern. This hat is good for 52-56 centimetres of head circumference. Firstly I will make the main swatch then knitting the crown of the hat. I hope this slouchy hat will be a staple accessory for your wardrobe. For work you need a ball of yarn, 2 kinds of knitting needles, measuring tape. You need 200 g of yarn: 35% wool, 40% acrylic, 25% alpaca, 130 meters in 100 grams. Needles 4 mm - 5 mm.

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+1 # Marny CA 2017-09-29 16:20
I go through the front of the loop and you go through the back of the loop.

For doing this stitch, do I follow what you're showing or do I have to adjust my knitting style?
-1 # sheruautor1 2017-10-05 09:03
If your knitting density and your yarn and number of knitting needles match our tutorial then you do not need to count or adjust anything, but if something changes (yarn, number of knitting needles,knitting density you need to count everything for yourself) Good luck!
+1 # Marny CA 2017-10-05 13:59
My question is do I have to knit through the back like you do in order to make this?

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