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Crochet Vest Tutorial 24 Part 1 of 2

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You can make a crochet Vest for women by your hand.

Learn how to crochet a circle vest with a simple video tutorial. Plus, start making your own crochet circle vest with our favorite square pattern.


Crochet Vest Description

This tutorial has 2 parts. In this part, we crochet a square motif. The modes consist of 49 square motifs. Firstly we did the square motifs which ware joining these 2 motifs together side to side While crocheting the last round. The work divided on 2 parts: a buttom and an upper part. The buttom has 4 lines each line has 8 motifs. In total 32 motifs. 3 of them are made of white color. Another line is crocheted with grey color. The upper part has 8 motifs. 4 are for the main swatch and other 4 are for the sleeve. 2 squares are made in grey.

Crochet Vest Tutorial


Part 2 here...


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