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Beautiful Blouse In Irish Lace Techniques Tutorial 134

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Crocheted Beautiful Blouse

Based on the materials of this lesson, you can crochet a very stylish openwork blouse in Irish or guipure technique.

Content of the lesson:

Description of Crochet Irish Lace Blouse

For this Irish Blouse, you need : cord on the burden, nice flower, crochet elements, chaotic mesh with beads- all these you will find in this adorable model in Irish Lace.

Our work we divide on some parts:

1. Make a pattern or picture in real size

Pattern of the blouse:

Pattern of the blouse

2. Put the elements and projects on the pattern and pin them:

Put the elements and projects on the pattern and pin them

Elements on the pattern

3. Fill up the free place with chaotic mesh.

The chaotic mesh:

The chaotic mesh

How to collect a project and make element for the project in Irish lace you can see in the video bellow.

Irish Lace Blouse Video

All the nuances of work on crocheting this blouse in detail and in stages are shown in our videos.

Part 2 here

How to connect the motif in the form of a flower on a burden look in the video:

Crocheting the canvas of Irish lace for this blouse is shown in the video:

After that We have made all elements and project for the summer Blouse. Watch how to collect all peaces together in the video.


On the photo in different angles, see what you will get a beautiful and elegant crocheted blouse, after you follow all our instructions and recommendations in this lesson:

On the photo in different angles

The look of the front and back side

One side and upper part of the blouse

The chaotic mesh

Irish lace in the buttom part

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