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Crochet Motif Tutorial 23

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In this time you will see how to make a crocheted motif in freeform technique.

This crochet spiral motif looks like a freeform scrumble. If you like to take the ideas apart and rearrange them into something new and interesting this crochet motif allows you to do it.

Find a nice looking leaf that is crocheted in an unusual way: first we make a foundation ring and the first round of stitches, and then continue working in rows.

If you are looking for an interesting shaped motif – here we have a one for you.Crochet triangle ornament looks like a nicely formed crochet leaf.

Freeform crochet leaf motif is a very decorative ornament that can be used in many ways. You can start by making many of these crochet leaves and later decide what you want to make of them.

How to do georgeous scrumble you will see in this images and crochet video instruction.

Freeform crochet is all about being creative with your stitches and shapes, playing about with colour and texture. This can be a daunting thought at the beginning but the more you practice and dip into the world of freeform you will gain confidence and realize it's all about making it work for you.

In simplest terms, freeform crochet is like doodling with yarn! You don't follow a pattern but make decisions as you go along, changing the yarn/fibers colour and thickness, type of stitch, and even direction of the crochet as you work.

Learn to Freeform Crochet with our video instructions. How to make simple motif in freeform style you will learn with this video instruction.

Freeform Tutorial 13

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How to crochet motif in freeform you will know from this tutorial. Such a beautiful motif, connected by a crochet of different yarns in different colors, can be used as a base for various scrumbles when crocheting in the style of a freeform.

Learn more about Freeform Crochet. Freeform crochet is artistic, creative and rule-less but that doesn't mean that it's hard to learn!

Freeform crochet is a wonderful expression of your own creativity achieved through fiber. With this video tutorial you will see how to make a srumble that consist of different elements. Also you will know how to join the elements together.

Beautiful double-colored motif made in freeform technique. The scrumble consists of small elements that are crocheted without seamse. This step by step video shows you how to make elements in freeform techniques and connect them in the scrumble.

Easy to Crochet wings made of different colors of yarn and different tall stitches. This wing motif is base motif for a scrumble.

Beautiful crochet motif in freeform technique. In this master class we will describe how to crochet a beautiful two-tone scrumble motif in a freeform crochet.

Crochet Elements and Motifs for Freeform Technique. With this video you can learn how to make a base or a round element for scrumble.

Freeform - one of the most unique and most interesting techniques in crocheting. Working in this technique, you will be able to use all your knowledge and skills to create motifs in the technique of freeform - scrumbles.

In the second part of the lesson 4 we continue to work on our scramble in the crocheting technique - freform. When doing this scrumble, the master constantly changes the direction of crocheting.

In our fourth video tutorial on freeform, the master will show crochet of a beautiful floral scrumble. This scramble begins with the crocheting of a small round berry, which we performed in lessons 7 of the theme "Crochet elements and Project".