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Crochet Slippers For Home: Tutorial 49

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Crochet Slippers For Home, you will fin in this video instruction.

Crochet Slippers Description

In this video instruction, I m showing you how to make home slippers made of rounds elements and felt sole. For work, you need 3 balls of yarn, peach of clothes, wool sole, scratch awl, measuring tape, sewing needle beads, pins and pattern in real size.
We divide our work into some parts: we measure our sole, put a ready sole or cut the sole from the wool or felt, make holes on the sole with heal of the awl, crochet a trim around the sole. Then I show you how to crochet 8 rounds elements for the slipper, then I will sew them together. After that, I crochet the trim around upper and bottom part, Cut the then inside part of the booty It will be made of fabric and sew it to the swath of round elements.

The last stage: I join the sole to the upper part.

Crochet Slipper Video Tutorial


Knitted Slipper Pattern

How To Knit sock pattern in pdf.

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