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Crochet Socks Easy - Tutorial 280

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Crocheted Socks Easy

In this lesson, let's look at how to make beautiful cozy crocheted easy socks.


Remnants of semi-wool yarn of two colors 70-80 g (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 300 m in 100 g), wool yarn (100% wool, 300 m in 100 g) can also be used.

Hook 2.0 mm or 2.5 mm or 3.0 mm.

Footprints are suitable for the size of the legs 38-39 (24-25 cm).

Video master Class.

How to Crochet Socks.

We divide our work on some parts :

  • make a toe part;
  • then crochet an instep and a sole parts;
  • heel part;
  • to finish the sock slipper make a trim.

Crochet Sock pattern

  • Begin from the toe part of the easy sock. The toe is made of rounds and pink color.
  • 3 rounds make with increase and 3 rounds crochet without the increase.
    How to Crochet Toe Socks.
  • The half of the the length is 10-11 cm
    The instep part of crochet sock.
  • To make bigger crochet more round, to make a smaller crochet less rounds.
  • Work with other color of yarn (grey color): continue with instep part that made of rounds and front post and back post double crochet stitches.
  • Pattern consists of 2 stitches and repeats 3 rounds.
  • Crochet over 13 cm (the length) from the beginning of the work.
  • Continue working with 34 stitches and left 14 stitches.
    Begin the sole.
  • Crochet rows straight(the length is 8 cm )
    Staright part of easy sock.
  • To crochet heel we need 10 middle stitches. The heel is crocheted single crochet stitches.
    The heel part.
  • To complete the work make single crochet trim.
    Here how trim looks like.
  • The length of sole is 23, 24-25 cm
    The length of sole is 23, 24-25 cm
  • Then we crochet a decoration to the sock. Cute bow is crocheted with single crochet.
  • To sew the bow to the sock.
    To sew the bow to the sock.
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